What our clients have to say

Perhaps the best outcomes of our 18 months establishing EOS into our organization has been our ability to weather challenges within our organization. These challenges have been non‐stop, caused by both a need to be agile to respond more effectively to our business members as well as the internal process, personnel, and structural changes that accompanied our regional and national growth. Additionally, the process of discussing major issues every week while using EOS has led us to make two important hires that change the course of our sustainability.

Liddy R., Visionary

Implementing Traction is a transformational step for the firm as we enthusiastically strive to reach higher values, goals and success. Anastasia has been a thoughtful partner to lead us, guide us and push us forward.

Steven S., Integrator

Anastasia added tremendous value. EOS came to us when we needed this type of structure and a facilitator that would hold us accountable while giving us space to work through challenges. Anastasia did this!

Robin G., Integrator

Anastasia adds value by facilitating the education and implementation of the EOS process and presenting it in a structured approach so as not to overwhelm our leadership team. She has assisted us to plan for a scaled growth over the next ten years.

Syd S., Integrator

Our Executive Leadership Team was ready to take it to the next level and implementing EOS was the first step. After fumbling through a couple weeks of self-implementation we knew we were on the right track, but needed help. Our Implementer, Anastasia, stepped in and helped elevate our team to that next level. Anastasia has been able to come in and make an immediate impact through systematization and focus. The integration between the EOS framework and the EOS software opened our team to unprecedented productivity and growth. Working with Anastasia has been an amazing experience and we are grateful for her guidance and tenacity. We are always looking forward to our next meeting with Anastasia as it is always another step forward!

Barrett C., Executive Team Member

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